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Big Horn Posse Big Game Hounds


Big Horn Posse Big Game Hounds in the Big Horn Mountains. Puma, Onza, me and Ozzy

The best old proven western lines of big game hounds

Thanks for visiting my website. Please take the time to look at all my photos. My hounds are used on cougar, bobcat, bear and the occasional coon. I do not do competition hunts so you will not see my dogs with any titles. My hounds are not registered, but do have outstanding pedigrees. That is not my main objective. I breed and raise my hounds to hunt and hunt well. I have spent a great deal of time visiting with the best houndsmen in the west and have hunted many lines of hounds to find hounds that are bred out of the best big game hounds in the west. I am striving to keep these lines going by breeding only proven hounds that have earned the right to be Big Horn Posse Big Game Hounds. Unlike most breeders I do not strive for a Purple Ribbon pedigree, but for hounds that are double tough and will hunt in the roughest country in any condition here in the vast west. Big Horn Posse Big Game Hounds have been used successfully throughout America, Canada, Mexico, and South America on cougar, bear, bobcat and coon in all terrains and conditions. Big Horn Posse pups are born with natural trailing and treeing instinct, good loud bawl mouths, huge hearts, tons of drive and brains.

I would like to thank everyone for your support and patronage over the years. I have made a lot of lifelong friends along the way. Again thanks very much for making Big Horn Posse Big Game Hounds a HUGE success over the years.

For more information on my hounds or if you just want to talk hounds and hunting give me a call. I enjoy hearing from you.

Tessa Fowler




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Photos will be added and updated so please check back from time to time to see what my hounds are doing.


Dry ground tom lion treed October 8, 2003


Another dry ground big tom treed Jan. 2006


Big Horn Posse's Puma


Big Horn Posse Red Ozzy & Big Horn Posse Red Sully


Big  Horn Posse's Blue Bella


Big Horn Posse's Warden

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