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Our Coonhounds


Photos of all our Coonhounds


Annibell, Aka Annie 1 yr old Walker female. We are sorry to say Annie was tragicly killed by a speeding car outside our home on 9/29/01. We will miss you Annie!

Fanny and Fancy, Black & Tan/Walker crosses. 1 1/2 yrs old treeing

Javie and Baylee checking out the previous nights bounty. The Big, the Bad, and the Wet!

Brandon with coon Mattie got night before

Bonnie 4 yr old Cur Dog and Fancy in for the kill

Fanny and Fancy

The culvert coonhound Mattie Muligan. 2yr old Redbone/Bassett

Baylee and Javie 13 week old Walker pups

Mattie, Annie, and Baylee

More photos coming soon. Please check back.